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Our Last Class.....But I Will be Back!

March 26, 2009

Our Last Class.....but I will be back!

Our Last Class.....but I will be back! (Click Photo for Photo Gallery)

Today my boys were hopping with energy when they saw me walk up to their classroom door. My boys have learned so much in this short period of time. We have enjoyed many bear hunts (One of the little boys told me he was afraid of bears so I told him we were looking for a teddy bear....he smiled), danced with Miss Puffy (she makes us stretch our muscles in our legs), bopped until we dropped, went on picnic's, planted Miss Kim some flowers and went fishing for Daddy just to name a few. Something really cute was said when we were in the frying pan (learning how to skip). I asked the boys what their Mommies cook in the frying pan at home. One little boy said "only my Daddy cooks with the frying pan......but when my Grandma comes over my Mommy will cook eggs in the frying pan". Another little boy said "my Mommy does not cook in the frying pan; she only cooks in the microwave". These boys have made me laugh every class. My boys have shown other's that creative movement is so much fun and help's their gross motor skills such as skipping, jumping, leaping, turning, rolling, and so much more. These boys have a tremendous amount of energy and I work hard each week to make them release some of it. Great job boys!

My two and three year olds came next. I love how I show up at their door and their teacher does not need to call them to line up. They all run to me and we head upstairs together. Class started with a little bit more energy than normal. We had to stop and make sure our listening ears were on tight. I stopped and we quickly sat down and got in my frying pan. The listening ears were on much tighter then as I poured ooey gooey oil in their hair....yuck! We cooked some popcorn and started to pop. I put butter on my popcorn and it up....yum yum. The little ones love when Miss Puffy flies in and we stretch our muscles. Miss Puffy is our little fairy that plays with us sometimes. We did something brand new today and it was a blast. We all sat down on our bottoms and held a handle on the parachute and made bubbles. Then one friend at a time got to stand in the middle and pop the bubbles with their feet. This class has come a long way from tears to smiles. They know me so well now so they really get into the movements. Great job little ones!

Today was a very special day for my older girl's tap and ballet class. It was parent showcase day! The parent's arrived and I showed them their seats. It was so nice seeing the faces of the parents of these special little girls. I always love looking at the parents faces and figuring out in my head who belongs to them. I was right a lot of the time. I went downstairs to get the girls. They were bursting with excitement. My sweet Ally looked up at me and said with a huge smile "I am just so nervous Miss Kim". When I hear things like that it reminds me just how big this is to them. I know that at that very moment we are making a memory; one that the girls and their parents will always remember. I told Ally that she was going to do great and that her Mommy was going to be so proud of her. Many of the girls were dressed in their ballet best. We walked in as professional dancers, just waving, no running or hugging just yet. We showed our parents how we learned all of our steps and showcased them in our two dances, "Shake Your Groove Thing" and "Beauty and the Beast". The girls did amazing which was super since the parents were sitting very close. I am thrilled that this class has done so much in such a short period of time. We will continue to learn in our second session. Girls, Miss Kim is so proud of you!!! Thank you to the parents for giving this gift of dance to your little girls. Thank you also for all your kind words about my program. Thank you to Nikki Michaels for allowing me to bring this program to First Pres. CDC. I will see them in a couple of weeks! Good luck to Madison's mom welcoming her new baby on Thursday! Madison will be a great little Mommy/big sister.

Miss Kim


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