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First Day of Dance Class

August 25, 2011

I just had to write a blog post about the first day of dance class for little girls. This is my 26th year of teaching little ones and the same thing happens every year.

Over the years I have come to appreciate the gestures, the emotion, and the pride a parents feels on this special day. This week with my classes I stood back and peeked as little pink dancers climbed out of their cars and carried their bags. Moms were all smiles as they walked hand in hand with their ballerina to be. Girls would look at each other and rub each others leotards as if "we are princesses". I got down to their level and said hello and told them my name. I told them that they have been waiting their whole life for this day. I watched Mothers look at their daughters wondering what they would do next... will they walk in by them selves... will they listen... will they have an accident... will they just stand there... will they like class and so on and so on. I sometimes wonder if they will remember this day.

I want the Mothers to burn that image in their brain of their sweet little pink ballerina holding onto their pinky. The dancers all walked in by themselves and had a wonderful time. I felt such joy because classes went beyond my expectations. I invited Mommies in after class and heard the whispers as they could not believe their daughter did not run to them... but instead stood on her spot ready to show what she had learned. The little dancers performed their steps and said goodbye to me with a curtsy... and clapped like little ladies. Their Mommies clapped with smiles as big as Mister Sun. Their daughters then ran to them and gave them well deserved hugs.

You did it Mommy and you did it sweet dancer! I held back tears as I watched Mothers look at their daughters knowing just how proud they were at that very moment. I love making memories... and the first day of dance class is one of my favorites!

Miss Kim


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