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Farewell and Hello - TMS Dance Team!

May 16, 2011

New TMS Dance Team Members for 2011/2012

New TMS Dance Team Members for 2011/2012

This past year has been filled with memories made and has ended with new ones to start. I have watched my eighth graders grow into beautiful young women ready to tackle high school. Lilli, Bethani, Katherine, Caroline, Tatiana, and Brittany, you have made me very proud and have been excellent role models for Turrentine Middle School and for the dance team.

2010/2011 TMS Dance Team 8th Graders - I'll Miss You!

2010/2011 TMS Dance Team 8th Graders - I'll Miss You!

Our year started in April with tryouts. We then had a great time at Dare Day in the park dancing as a team for the first time. Our yard sale came next and boy was that fun. We raised almost $700 that day and had fun dancing to our songs for cars passing by. I started to see a bond sprouting. Next came a very early morning at TMS for the group picture shot which would go on our sponsor letter. I loved seeing all of you dressed the same for the first time... I could see how proud each of you were feeling a part of something special by wearing your school colors. Our sponsors were very gracious, helping send us to camp. Our pool party and family dinner was so much fun. We were assigned big and little sisters. We took a thousand pictures and I did my annual flip off the diving board! Camp came the next week. Wow, is all I can say. You worked so hard learning four dances that would be showcased at football, basketball, and various community events. You worked so hard in class and I watched you evolve throughout the process growing in confidence and ability. It was very rewarding watching you compete for your ribbons and performing for your parents on the last day. To top it all off it was such an honor being voted Coach of the Year for the second year in a row... something that I would not be able to do without such great girls.

The next few weeks we prepared for our games cleaning up routines and learning band dances. We had so much fun on game days performing in the hot sun while the parents sat on the reflecting bleachers cheering on their daughters! I love the feeling of sitting up in the box holding the microphone against the cd playing with my buddy and cheerleading coach Mrs. Sarah Loftin watching you do what you love to do. You are so lucky to have this opportunity. I love watching you when you are finished and how you hug each other... it is a gift to me and to your teammates to show your emotion and love for your team.

Basketball season was next with many performances in that hot gym! We had so much fun with the "robot" dance and the crowd loved it! You received numerous compliments from staff, parents, and even the visiting teams. Lilli Canada was awarded the Sportsmanship award on the last game. The eighth graders and their parents were acknowledged for their dedication to the team. Our annual TMS dance clinic happened next and raised over $700! We had almost 50 girls from the community come and learn dances from our team members. The clinic dancers performed for their parents and won prizes. It was such an awesome day.

Over the next couple of weeks we met and learned our lyrical dance for our performance in Alamance Citizens for Education's (ACE) Stage Struck event. You danced beautifully, and even earned a special recognition for participating for the past four years (since Stage Struck was first started). By doing this performance we are able to apply for grant money which goes on to help fund the next year's team. What a great program ACE!

2011 TMS Dance Team Stage Struck Performance!

2011 TMS Dance Team Stage Struck Performance!

Our year ended with a party and cookout. We shared our thoughts on each girl and what they meant to us. Our captains gave a speech and handed off their responsibilities to our new captains. Remember our motto "be the best you can be" at all times. Keep dance in your heart and please know that I love you so much and feel blessed to have had this opportunity to be your coach.

Tryouts came and I was blown away by the amount of girls that wanted to tryout. We had 38 girls audition, the most ever. What a compliment this is to our team and our school. Our judges had a hard decision to make... all three of them. We narrowed it down to 23 girls. I told a story to the girls before auditions... one that I tell every year. I was a 6th grader at Turrentine a long time ago... I tried out for cheerleading and did not make it... I tried out for basketball and did not make it... so I started taking dance classes. Dance has become my life. It brings me happiness that I cannot explain. I now teach children of the little girls I taught 26 years ago. It is just so rewarding. I told the dancers "if one door closes another one always opens". I truly believe in that. Not everybody can do everything. You have to work hard and make tough choices and hard decisions. It is part of life. I told them if they do not see their number on that poster to just know in their heart there is something else waiting for them... they have to go and find it.

New TMS Dance Team Members for 2011/2012

New TMS Dance Team Members for 2011/2012 Having Fun During First Practice!

The new team is amazing. I have 7 rising 6th graders, 5 rising 7th graders, an 11 rising 8th graders. We have already had two practices and the new team is so eager to get started making their memories. We have a yard sale lined up for Saturday May 21st, a sponsor letter going out soon, pizza sales, and maybe even a windshield washing event with Krispy Kremes! Lots of excitement building for summer camp, pool party, Crop walk, dance clinics, and performances! Our captains Becky, Lillie, and Carly are ready to lead this great group of young ladies to the best year ever! Turrentine Dance Team is something special and we will shine more than ever this year!

Miss Kim


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