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Getting To Know You

July 22, 2010

Getting To Know You!

Getting To Know You!... Click Photo for Photo Gallery.

In past couple of months TMS dance team has had about four practices. These practices have been filled with technique, learning, and working on our home routine for dance camp. It has not given me a chance to get to know my girls except what type of dancer they are. Well, that all changed Tuesday and Wednesday night! We had our annual covered dish supper with moms and dads. We prepared for camp and answered all the camp questions. The main thing the girls are worried about is the food and the showers... and if there are enough of both! The storm was quite intense so the pool closed early before we got a chance to swim. I knew how important this time was for the girls so we planned for the next night after dance. After dance team practice we headed to the pool. I love this time because this is when I really get to see the girl's personalities. We went off the diving board... yes... WE.... I did my flip again for them! The girls went down the slide... all of these were picture moments. They made their dancer circle in the pool and then took pictures with their big sisters and little sisters. I was so happy about what I saw in the pool... all of my girls were talking to each other... no little groups... all together. I see a team forming... not just on paper but through each other. Seeing relationships grow between girls that might not have ever been friends. That is what a team is... coming together through something we love.

UDA here we come!!!

Miss Kim


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