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January 31, 2010


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When I was in dance class at East Carolina University I remember my first "official" modern class. It was quite unique and something I had never experienced before. I was exposed to the expression of movement and dance through dance improvisation. I could not help but to think of that when I told my little boys last week and this week that we were going to "freestyle". One little boy asked me "what is freestyle Miss Kim"? I told him that whenever he heard the music start to play, to listen to the music, his brain would hear and interpret the music, and then tell his arms and legs what to do. In other words "do what you feel". If you feel like hopping, hop. If you feel like moving your hips, shake them. If you feel like bouncing like a ball, then bounce. If you feel like being a break dancer, go for it.

Move how you feel.

Boy was I in for a treat. In both the boy's and girl's classes they made me actually stop and take a breath... to enjoy this moment of watching these children doing exactly what they felt. There were break dancers trying to spin on their backs. There were little ballerinas on their toes. There were robots moving with sharp marching movements. There were funky chickens bent at the knees moving through the crowd. There was one fella that shook his knees in and out while pointing his fingers in the sky then to the ground. There were two girls holding hands spinning round and round laughing. This all made me so happy that I opened the door and called for the director and some of the teachers on break. They stood at the door watching and enjoying watching these children move so freely.

We did plenty of other things but I want to share with you our last 10 minutes of class. We did our own version of a snow dance complete with a song. I told the children that when they wake up in the morning to tell their parents to get up and put some snow clothes on. I told them to tell their parents that they were going to make a snowman! We practiced how to do it and decorated it. I told them if the TV was on to turn it off and go outside and play in the snow. One little boy as serious as he could be told me "uh... Miss Kim... if football is on my Daddy is not going to turn it off... no way"! I started to laugh and told him to let Daddy watch his football game!

I hope they all have fun and stay safe in the snow. But most of all I hope they remember what we did this week... to continue to move how you feel and enjoy expressing themselves in such creative ways. They made my day this week... now... parents... all you have to do is play "All The Single Ladies" by the Chippettes and Chipmunks from the Squequal and you will see what I mean!

Miss Kim


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