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Chipettes In The House!

January 29, 2010

Chipettes In The House!

Chipettes In The House! Click Photo for Photo Gallery.

First Pres CDC was just happy as it could be today as I walked in. The little ones were eating their breakfast/snack and started stuffing it in faster when they saw me.

The big girl's were first and they filled the hall with laughter and energy. We worked hard today perfecting our steps. I am making sure their shuffle technique is correct which means a lot of repetition... I just have to make sure everyone is doing it the right way. We got in the frying pan and then did "butter butter popcorn" or "shuffle hop step". We reviewed our heel ball changes and worked on our new dance. In ballet we worked on all of our ballet steps and positions. We stretched our legs and started backbends. Wow, some of these girls have to be made out of rubber!

My older boys marched upstairs and went straight to sleep. We Bopped Until We Dropped and then suited up in our finest Pirate attire. We sailed away to look for the treasure and then dug it up once we found it. We worked on our gross motor skills and on agility. We did cartwheels again and started backbends. These boys have to realize they need to use their arms muscles and their leg muscles to lift themselves off the floor. We played cat and mouse with the parachute which was so much fun... thanks Brayden for that idea.

My little boys were next and we flew to our spaceship and blasted off. We Bopped Until We Dropped and then we dressed up like Pirates... just like the big boys. Miss Puffy flew in and we stretched our legs. We worked on skipping by cooking popcorn in the frying pan. We listened to all of our favorite songs while doing push-ups, skipping, marching, jumping jacks, and hopping on one foot. We played cat and mouse... wait... we tried playing cat and mouse with the parachute but we need a little more practice.

My little girls finished out the day. When they lined up I just could not help but to smile looking at them. One little girl had her dress on with ballerina shoes embroidered on the front, another sweet little one told me to look at her pretty ballerina socks, and another adorable little girl told me to look at her "pink dancing skirt". I told her that I was going to take her picture when she spun around because her skirt would flare out... all I could see in her eyes at that very moment was "WOW". We did all of our normal things since repetition is so important at this age. Daddy duck did call and the girls went fishing. As we were lining up to go one little girl asked me if I could come play with her at her house. I told her anytime... what a compliment.

My title to today's blog reads "Chipettes In The House". This is because I had several girls and boys ask me if I had the song "All The Single Ladies" from the Chipettes/Chipmunks movie The Squeakquel. I made sure to get it and bring it last week... boy I did not know what would happen next. The girls and the boys go through a total transformation when that song is on... it is amazing. I have laughed until I have cried last week and this week. The older girls wanted me to show them how to move their hips like the Chipettes do in the movie. So, I showed them the best way I knew how. Then, one of my older girls who just happen to be my BIRTHDAY GIRL TODAY told me "Miss Kim, if you need help knowing how to shake your hips just talk to my mom... she knows a lot about shaking her hips"!!! I told her thank you... and I would be calling her mom for a hip shaking consultation! Like I said before, I laugh until I cry... over and over again.


Miss Kim


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