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Miss Kim Is Back!!! (First Pres CDC Session III Begins!)

January 6, 2010

Miss Kim Is Back!!! (First Pres CDC Session III Begins!)

Miss Kim Is Back!!! (First Pres CDC Session III Begins!) Click Photo for Photo Gallery.

Miss Kim Is Back!!!This is what I heard as I entered the doors at First Presbyterian CDC this morning....except it really was "Miss Tim is back, Miss Tim is back"... music to my ears.

I gathered my older girls up and reminded them of our rules as we headed up the stairs. They seem so much older to me even though it has only been a couple of weeks. I looked at a couple of them and remembered last year at this very moment when I first started teaching them and thought how quickly time has past and how lucky I have been to be a part of their time here at First Pres. We reviewed our steps and made corrections to our sounds. We worked on ball changes by babysitting baby Annabelle. We talked about our hamstrings and how we need to work hard to stretch them. We did an exercise where they had to reach out and touch their friend... oh the grimaces that came with that...I hope that I captured some of those looks in the pictures. I told the girls to help Mommy and Daddy stretch their hamstrings too.

I combined my older and younger boys just for this week only. Hopefully I will have a couple younger boys sign up so they can have a class all to their own. We went on a bear hunt today (after ten requests at least). We sailed away in a pirate ship, dug up a treasure and then we were chased by other pirates! We worked on our burpees (squat thrusts), jumping jacks, and push-ups. We did those over and over to Jump Up by the Imagination Movers....hint hint to parents....put that song on and watch what they do! Miss Puffy flew in and we stretched our legs after all that work. Daddy Duck called and we listened so well to the instructions of the game. We ended our class with the wonderful parachute.

My little girls were last and we had two new girls! Yeah! I was so proud of them both. I was especially proud of one of the new little girls since she had tried my class before and it ended in tears. She was just amazing today... wow... what a year will do when a little one is just not quite ready... never give up! We reviewed our steps by going on a picnic and digging holes in the garden. We rode on the bus that likes to spin when there is a red light. We Bopped Until We dropped and danced to Miss Puffy. We worked on first position and plie'... "Miss Kim always ugly bottoms"... they wanted me to say this over and over! We finished with the parachute and played in our tent underneath!

Today was a great day full of smiles and laughter. I asked everyone about Christmas and what their favorite gifts were. Some of my favorite were a Shaving Set, a BIG candy cane, an Ariel doll that her hair changes colors when you put her in the bathtub, a truck that dances, and an IPOD Touch! It was so great to be back.

Miss Kim


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